Stanley’s Grizzly – Appalachian Trout Flies

An original Great Smoky Mountain pattern created by Stanley Tuttle of Lenoir, NC, this year-round fly can be fished as a streamer or wet fly. Stanley called this his “killer fly” and found it extremely effective in and around all the eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina waters.
The original recipe calls for grizzly bear hair for the tail, but a decent substitute is black bear fur mixed with natural bucktail, or simply an equal mix of black and natural deer. If you don’t have black bear, calftail has enough of a similar consistency to make a passable tail. Simply mix black and tan fibers from deer or calftail.

Hook: #8-12 3x long streamer
Weight: 0.015 weighted wire
Thread: Black
Tail: Grizzly bear (or black and tan substitute)
Body: Tan/cream fur dubbing, palmered with fine copper wire
Wings: Grizzly cock hackle

Author: Matt O