Smoky Mountain Dry Fly Materials Bundle – Giveaway

Hey fly tiers! Thanks for stopping by. I’m excited to be offering this bundle of fly tying materials to one of the channel subscribers. This really is a nice haul of tying materials. Over $200 worth of fur, feathers and hardware from Wapsi, Hareline, UTC, Firehole Sticks… plus a couple of great books for tying and fishing your favorite Great Smoky Mountain trout patterns.

If you are new to the channel, welcome! To enter this contest, simply email me a picture of your bench with the date written on a piece of paper. Like the picture of mine below. If you have entered one of the Savage Flies contests in the past and I already have a picture of your bench, you’re covered. Just send an email saying you’d like to enter. (You could always send me another one just for fun. I love seeing pictures of everyone’s tying setup!) My email is (Please put “GSM Materials Giveaway” in the subject line so I can keep track of all the entries.)

All entries are due by 8:00 pm EST on Sunday night, November 15, 2020. I will do the drawing that night and announce the winner in Monday morning’s video.

The list of products in this give-back is below.

Hatches and Fly Patterns of the GSM24.95
Ultimate Fly Fishing Guide to the GSM19.95
Firehole Standard Dry Fly Hook – size 127.25
Firehole Standard Dry Fly Hook – size 147.25
Firehole Standard Dry Fly Hook – size 167.25
Hareline Dry Fly Hackle, Grizzly11.90
Hareline Dry Fly Hackle, Brown11.90
Hareline Dry Fly Hackle, White11.90
Calf Tail, white, Hareline4.95
Bucktail, assorted, Hareline6.55
Calf Body Hair, white, Wapsi2.95
Deer Body Hair, natural3.45
Comparadun Deer Hair, Hareline2.75
Elk Hair, Bleached, Hareline3.25
Moose Body Hair, Hareline2.45
Saddle Hackle, Red, Hareline7.95
Saddle Hackle, Yellow, Hareline7.95
Hareline Mallard Flank Feathers, Brown2.75
Hareline Mallard Flank Feathers, Natural2.75
Golden Pheasant Tippets, Hareline5.75
Rabbit Dubbing Dispenser w/12 colors17.95
Rayon Floss, Burnt Orange, Danville1.95
Rayon Floss – kelly green, Danville1.95
Rayon Floss – red, Danville1.95
Rayon Floss – yellow, Danville1.95
Wapsi Ultra Thread 70 denier – black2.15
Wapsi Ultra Thread 70 denier – rusty brown2.15
Hareline Strung Peacock Herl4.55
Hareline Stripped Goose Biots – brown2.75
Hareline Stripped Goose Biots – white2.75
Wapsi Muskrat Fur2.25
Wapsi Woodchuck Fur – large3.45
Z-lon Spool, polar white2.25
Z-lon Spool, tan2.25
Total value:203.20

Thank you all for participating in the mission of Savage Flies. My goal from the start has been to get as many people as possible interested in fly tying, and giving back to the community however possible. Note, the best way you can help is simply, to watch as many of the videos as you can, leave a “thumbs up” and drop a quick comment. When YouTube sees the community engaging with a channel, they start promoting the videos to a larger audience and with this momentum, a channel can really grow.

I’m looking forward to the day when Savage Flies can start earning a little so we can give even more back to the fly tying community.

Thanks again for all your support!

Author: Matt O

4 thoughts on “Smoky Mountain Dry Fly Materials Bundle – Giveaway

  1. Great package! Would like to win it.
    To get busy tying. I have watched all your tying videos. I think you do a great job teaching. Have a good day! Matt.

  2. would love to win something like this . new to the fly tying world….thanks have a awesome day.

  3. New to fly tying..would love to win this….I have got some stuff off Ebay…and some local fly shops…my go to is tochterman’s because they are awesome and close to me…not sure how to post a picture of my fly tying setup…but I assure you I am a new fly tying…thanks and have a awesome day…

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