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Hello fly tiers and friends of the channel! I’ve started a new series with the intent of tying and featuring some original creations from the community. The first one we tied was the Owl Camp Adams (from C.J. Webster) and the most recent was the Haines Lake Shiner (from Jim Vatter).

If you have any of your own original patterns, I would love to make a video of the tie and feature it here for others to try out. Simply get in touch with me at matt at If you can send me a picture, maybe the recipe and some tying instructions, and as long is it isn’t too complicated I’m sure we can make a go of it.

The Owl Camp Adams, submitted by C.J. Webster of North Carolina
The Haines Lake Shiner, submitted by Jim Vatter of Pennsylvania

Author: Matt O

6 thoughts on “Your Original Designs

  1. Matt,I have fished Western Virginia and North Carolina many times.I had some great success with a Bill Hale oattern called Bill’s Provider.Simple fly with rubber leg tails and antenna,peacock herl body with a palmered hackle.Very effective.You may want to add it to your tying videos.

    1. Mike, absolutely! This is in Don Kirk’s book and it’s one of the 60 or so I plan to do in the GSM series. Question- do you put a bead on it? And if so, what color? The one in Kirk’s book looks like it has a chartreuse cone bead. Or that could just be a thread head. It’s hard to tell in the picture.

      1. Sorry for the delay in getting back.Started using it prior to bead heads being fashionable and never changed it because it worked so well.

  2. Here is a recent pattern of my own creation that has caught some larger trout.
    I call it MikeL’s Muddler.
    Hook # 6 wet with a 2x normal shank length or substitute an Atlantic Salmon
    wet hook of the same size.
    Thread: of your choice
    Body: silver Mylar flat tinsel
    Rib: counter wrapped copper wire from a kettle cord
    Make the body leaving about 1/4 inch working space on the shank at the head
    Coat the body with Sally Hansen hard as nails or equilivant and let dry.
    I usually make 12 bodies first and by the time I complete #12, #1 has completely dried and is ready for the next step.
    Get a barred mallard breast feather with fibres just a bit longer than the shank, so when tied in it is about 1/8 to 1/4 “ past it. Wind in at the tip as a hackle collar at the point the body ends towards the eye with about. 3 touching wraps. The fibres should be stroked back top and bottom and locked in with thread.
    Then get two soft grizzly hen hackles and lay them length wise on top of the hackle as an A frame roof, one on either side meeting at the peak.
    They should be about the same length as the hackle just past the hook.
    In front of the hackles, wrap medium brown chenelle to form a Muddler style head.
    Tie off, form a small neat head and coat it with Sally Hansen to protect it.
    I usually fish this on the point with a smaller soft hackle above it on a short dropper about 22-24 inches about it. Fish the flies with about 30 “ pulls with a momentary hesitation as you release the line for the next stroke! This makes them pulse. This has caught me some nice trout, sometimes one on each fly on the same cast! Good luck!

    1. Mike,

      This fly sounds amazing! Any way you could email me a picture of it? These are great instructions but a picture would make it a lot easier to tie! Thanks for the note; I’d love to do this one for the channel.


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