J. Stockard Rotary Vise Giveaway

This contest has ended. Congratulations to John M. of Kure Beach, NC.

Hey friends, thanks for stopping by. To say thanks for helping me reach another milestone (500 channel subscribers), I’ll be giving away this J. Stockard Tungsten Carbide Rotary Vise (with c-clamp and pedestal) and the fly tying travel bag. All together this is about a $110 value.

If this is your first contest with Savage Flies, welcome! To enter simply take a picture of your bench with the date written on a piece of paper visible somewhere. Just like this picture of my bench below. Email this to matt at savageflies.com with “500 subscriber giveaway” in the subject.

*Note, for anyone who entered last month’s contest and you already sent me a picture of your bench, you don’t have to send one again. I know you all are fly tiers. Just send an email to let me know that you are interested. (But do put “500 subscriber giveaway” in the subject so I can easily sort the emails as they come in.)

** One more note. I will be on a fishing trip out west September 13-22 with no access to email. If your entry comes in during this time I will not be able to reply, but rest assured that it’s probably waiting in my inbox and I’ll get you on the list when I get back. And if you’re wondering how I’m still publishing videos while I’m out of town, it’s because I’ve done about six ahead of time and will schedule them to go live at the regular times (Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat at 7:00 am).

Thanks again for your support. Good luck!

Disclaimer: this giveaway is not sponsored by J. Stockard. In fact, this site or the corresponding YouTube channel is not sponsored by anybody. Of course it isn’t. See above. I’ve only got 500 subscribers. Who would sponsor a small-time channel like this? Nobody. That’s who. It’s just me, on a mission to help folks get into fly tying and to give back a little to the community.

More legal stuff: Official rules to contests here.

Author: Matt O

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    1. Thanks Victor! I hope you were happy with them. I’m going to try and do better book reviews in the future so folks will know what they’re getting before they buy any.

    1. Thanks Jason! I appreciate the comment and feedback. And certainly appreciate you watching! For the next few weeks at least, I’ll be doing GSM flies on Fridays and Saturdays. I’ll leave Monday and Wednesdays for everything else. 🙂

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