Haines Lake Shiner – Fly Tying a Traditional Feather Wing Streamer

As one of the viewer-submitted flies, the Haines Lake Shiner is an original pattern created by Jim Vatter of Pennsylvania. This streamer pattern is an easy-to-tie feather-wing streamer that has proven effective on warm-water fish (Smallmouth Bass and Northern Pike) as well as the native brook trout of the mid-Atlantic. The original was tied without the wire rib but including it adds a bit of weight perhaps makes the flat tinsel body more durable.

Hook: #4-8 streamer, 3x long
Thread: Black
Weight: optional wire wraps
Rib: Gold or colored wire, optional
Body: Flat gold tinsel
Tail and Gills: Red synthetic yarn
Hackle: Brown hen
Wing: Indian saddle, furnace

Author: Matt O