George Nymph – Fly Tying Appalachian/Great Smoky Mountain Trout Flies

Created by Eddy George of Louisville, Tennessee in 1955, this “cotton top” nymph is a good searching nymph or stonefly imitation. This nymph has been a staple of Great Smoky Mountain fly fishers and is equally as effective in many trout fisheries. Fish this weighted for a fast-sinking fly that gets deep quickly.

Hook: #12-18 standard or 1x long nymph
Thread: Black
Weight: 0.015 or 0.020
Tail: Brown hackle fibers
Body: Peacock herl
Wingcase lower: Mottled turkey feather
Wingcase thorax: White yarn or Antron/Z-lon
Throat: Brown hen hackle

Author: Matt O