Fly Tying the X-Caddis – Classic American Trout Pattern

Created by Craig Matthew and John Juracek of West Yellowstone, Montana in 1980, the X-Caddis is a great imitation when the fish are keying on emerging caddis flies that are getting stuck in the surface film trying to shed their shuck. Try this pattern when you find yourself getting refusals to a standard Elk Hair Caddis.

Hook: #12-18 Dry fly
Thread: Olive, or to match body
Shuck: Z-lon or Antron synthetic fibers
Body: Fur or synthetic dubbing (olive, tan or dun)
Wing: Yearling elk or deer hair

Dave Hughes books used in this series

“Essential Trout Flies,” by Dave Hughes.
American Fly Tying Manual,” by Dave Hughes.

Author: Matt O