Fly Tying the Lalo Rainbow River Chief – Soft Hackle Wet Flies with Ringneck Pheasant

Created by Edward Chavez of Texas, the LRRC is a nymph-like soft hackle and is the second original pattern submitted by users in our “All Ringneck Pheasant Skin” series. It can be fished on a dead drift or swung as a standard wet fly.

Hook: #10-14 2x long nymph or wet
Thread: Black 70 denier
Tail: Golden brown shoulder feather fibers
Body: Sow scud rainbow dubbing (or rainbow ice dub mix)
Rib: Red wire, small to medium
Hackle: Golden brown shoulder feather, wrapped as a collar

Savage Flies is a project with the mission of encouraging and teaching fly tying to as many people as possible. The channel is named after one of my western Maryland homewaters, the Savage River. I’ve been uploading at least three new videos a week (usually Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).

Author: Matt O