Fly Tying the Grenadier Soft Hackle, Wet Fly Trout Pattern

Created in the early 1900s by Dr. Henry Alexander Bell of Wrington, South Somerset, England. This soft hackle fly pattern was originally created for still-water reservoir fishing but has proven effective in trout waters throughout the world.

Hook: #12-14 wet fly
Thread: Black or brown 8/0
Body: Red or orange seal fur (substitute wool)
Rib: Silver or gold oval tinsel
Hackle: Light badger hen

I found this pattern in an older Mike Dawes’ book called “The Flytier’s Manual.” This was printed in the UK and copies can sometimes still be found at:

Dave Hughes books used in this Soft Hackle series:

“Essential Trout Flies,” by Dave Hughes.
American Fly Tying Manual,” by Dave Hughes.

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Author: Matt O