Fly Tying a March Brown Spider – Soft Hackle Wet Fly Pattern

This version of the March Brown Spider is from Dave Hughes “Essential Trout Flies” and originally came from Sylvester Nemes’ “Soft Hackle Fly” from 1975. This is a great mayfly soft hackle when the March Brown’s are hatching, or even when there is no hatch and you need an effective searching pattern.

Hook: #10-16 1x long wet fly
Thread: Brown or rusty orange
Rib: Gold oval tinsel, medium
Body: Hare's mask mixed with sparkle yarn
Hackle: Brown partridge

Dave Hughes fly tying books used in this series

“Essential Trout Flies,” by Dave Hughes.
“American Fly Tying Manual,” by Dave Hughes.
“Wet Flies,” by Dave Hughes.

Author: Matt O