Fly Tying a Madam X – Classic American Trout Pattern

Created by Doug Swisher in the 1980s, the Madam X has quickly become one of the top American fly patterns. A very versatile dry fly, tied big enough it can be a grasshopper, a bit smaller and it’s a great golden stonefly imitation, or even a yellow sally. Tie it with some bright orange or purple thread and it’ll be a great attractor as well!

Hook: #6-12, 2x or 3x long
Thread: Yellow 6/0 or bigger
Tail: Tips of body hair
Body: Deer or elk hair
Wing: Tips of head hair
Head: Deer or elk, bullet style
Legs: White rubber legs

Dave Hughes books used in this series
“Essential Trout Flies,” by Dave Hughes.

American Fly Tying Manual,” by Dave Hughes.

Author: Matt O