Fly Tying a Henryville Special – Classic American Dry Fly Pattern

Hiram Brobst of Palmerton, Pennsylvania created this pattern in the 1920s after spotting an old unnamed English sedge pattern from the 18th century. He altered it a bit to work on Broadhead Creek near Henryville, PA.

The fly did well in Pennsylvania trout waters and eventually got the name the Henryville Special. Basically a sedge type caddis pattern, that has become popular throughout the country for the last 100 years.

Hook: #10-16 1x long dry fly
Thread: Black (or brown)
Body: Olive dubbing
Body Hackle: Grizzly dry fly, palmered
Underwing: Mallard flank fibers
Overwing: Mallard quill slips
Hackle: Brown dry fly

Author: Matt O