Book Review – Tying the Founding Flies by Mike Valla

By one of my favorite fly tiers and Authors, Mike Valla’s “Tying the Founding Flies” is an excellent companion to his earlier “The Founding Flies.”

A true how-to book with the histories and detailed instructions on how to tie 21 amazing patterns. Ever heard of the Shushan Postmaster by Lew Oatman? Or the Missoulian Spook? What about the Kings River Caddis or Firehole Number One? All are in here with many other patterns that celebrate some of the greatest American fly tiers.

CHeck out the video review here.

Author: Matt O

1 thought on “Book Review – Tying the Founding Flies by Mike Valla

  1. I would be up for trying to tie patterns from this book for sure.
    What better way to learn, then to step outside your comfort zone!

    And I really need to stop tying caddis.. Lol

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