Blackburn Tellico Nymph – Fly Tying Appalachian/Great Smoky Mountain Trout Patterns

Created by noted fly tier Rick Blackburn in the 1970’s, the Blackburn Tellico is a variant of the 100-year-old original nymph that originated on the Tellico River in eastern Tennessee. An easy-to-tie fly, the Tellico Nymph has become one of the most popular flies to come out of the region.

Hook: #6-10 2x long nymph
Thread: Brown
Weight: Wire to match hook
Tail: Brown hackle fibers
Rib: Peacock herl, two strands
Shellback: Brown turkey feather
Body: Dirty yellow dubbing
Hackle: Brown, palmered on front half

*** Great Smoky Mountain Fly Tying Books ***

Hatches and Fly Patterns of the Great Smoky Mountains, by Don Kirk,
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Angler’s Companion, by Ian Rutter,
Southeastern Flies, by L.J. DeCuir,

Author: Matt O