Black Winter Caddis – Fly Tying Appalachian/Great Smoky Mountain Trout Patterns

The Black Winter Caddis is a super easy fly pattern tied to imitate the tiny dark caddis that hatch between December and March in many of the streams of the Great Smoky Mountains. This pattern can also be tied in brown or dark olive to specifically match the bugs in your area.

Hook: #16-22 curved shank
Thread: Black
Body: 2mm black foam
Indicator: White parapost or yarn (optional)
Hackle: Black dry fly

*** Great Smoky Mountain Fly Tying Books used in this series ***

Hatches and Fly Patterns of the Great Smoky Mountains, by Don Kirk,
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Angler’s Companion, by Ian Rutter,
Southeastern Flies, by L.J. DeCuir,

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Author: Matt O