About Savage Flies

Hello fly tiers, and welcome. Savage Flies is a project I started in the spring of 2020 with the goal of encouraging new tiers to join the community and get started in this great hobby. I figured making a few instructional videos for YouTube might be a way to reach some of these new tiers.

I’ve been pretty happy with the pace the site is growing although it can be quite a grind making 3-4 new tying videos a week but so far the journey has been worth it.

As of December 2020, the YouTube channel has grown enough that I’ve finally been able to start showing ads. I know… this can be a pain for the viewer, having to wait a few seconds to click “skip.” But bear with me here! This is one of the only ways a site like this can earn a little bit of revenue.

And as my primary mission with Savage Flies is to give back to the fly tying community, earning a little spending money each month is the best way to do that. So far I’ve been able to hold at least one giveaway every month, and now that the channel is monetized, I hope to be able to give back a little more as we grow into a real community. Check out the “Contests and Giveaways” page to see what all we’ve been able to give back to the community so far!

A note on the name, “Savage Flies.” There is nothing savage about my fly tying or this channel in general. I named it after one of my homewaters here in western Maryland, the Savage River. That’s all. It is a great river and if you ever find yourself looking for a place to fish in this area, give me a shout and I’d be happy to tell you more about it.

So that’s my story so far. Thanks for reading and if you are a viewer or subscriber to my channel on YouTube, thanks for that too!